• Image of SaddleBag small inside out grey

Each bag is all made by me. I designed the pattern, cut the leather by hand, sew with my old Dürkopp Machine and even mix the edge paint to match the leather.

This model has its seams out side, they are polished and painted by me.

SaddleBag Small Elephant GREY:
The perfect companion for your daily life!
It may look small, but it offers a lot of space to fill it up with lunchpacks, a water bottle, a book or pad, keys, purse, cell phone and so on...

Width: ca. 25 cm, hight ca. 24 cm, depth ca. 7 cm.
Adjustabe Strap, 2 cm wide.

Hardware regular in massive brass, golden Zippers, also
available in stainless steel.

Available colors:
black, red, pale rosé, blue, grey

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