• Image of The best thing / Raw vegetable tanned

Spin off of the SaddleBag Extended, my personal fav.

The focus is on the raw, pure and natural vegetable tanned cow leather.
The leather is tanned in a small and historical Tannery, Kobel Leder in Kellinghusen.

It gets darker when exposed to (sun) light and its open surface developes patina.
Scratches and stains will be part of the ageing process, the bag will document your active life just like a diary.
(of course you can add leather care, so it becomes more insensitive)

Golden rivets, leather strap 95 cm not adjustable (other lenghts on demand), the edges are kept raw, no polishing, braided zipper strap, no lining.

One 16 cm zipper pocket inside, 18 cm zipper pocket in front,
hardware and zippers in brass/gold
H app. 27cm,
W app. 28cm,
D on bottom 11cm